Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Simple Pleasures

This week's topic for Top 2 Tuesday is simple pleasures.  I have to admit that most weeks I completely forget about Top 2 Tuesdays. I always have the  intention of participating, but most of the time I completely space out.  So without further delay here are my top two simple pleasures.

A baby falling asleep on you or in your arms.  It's the best feeling ever.  I've always thought it was wonderful, it's just more wonderful when it's your own baby.  That baby smell, and the deep breathing, complete heaven.

A freshly made bed.  It's a bit similar to Taylor's clean sheets simple pleasure, but I couldn't agree more.  There is nothing better than climbing in to a freshly made bed when the sheets and pillowcases are still cold.  I love crossing and uncrossing my bare feet underneath the comforter enjoying the cold sheets.  I love pulling the comforter up around my shoulders and searching for spots that haven't been warmed yet.  I especially love a freshly made bed while it's snowing outside.  There's something about the cold sheets and the snow falling that make me feel like a kid again hoping for a snow day. 

Check out more simple pleasures and share your own by clicking over to Taylor's site.

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