Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work it Wednesday - Yee Haw!

My little Work It Wednesday diva was at it again last night.  My niece just started a new daycare about three weeks ago.  She attends two days a week and it's the first time she's been at a daycare without my mom being an employee there.  This week she was little upset when my sister dropped her off, you know the typical four year old stuff.  My sister decided to call and check on her when she arrived at work.  The worker who answered the phone on the check in call assured my sister they already know how to cheer her up.  My sister was curious and asked how they did it.  They already have her number big time.  Want to cheer up my little niece? Ask her about and or compliment her outfit.  The outfit in today's picture is what she choose to play "daycare" and put her kids down for a nap.  The expression is classically Ella.  I'm just glad she's enjoying her new daycare.  Apparently it's a western style daycare.

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