Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Work It Wednesday

Another fabulous ensemble brought to you by my four year old niece.  I was back in Pittsburgh this weekend for a little "mommy break".  Dave has traveled a few times this summer for work and we decided I needed a little girl's weekend before school starts and his schedule gets even more hectic.  I headed to my mom's house for a few days.  I had sent a package to my nieces a few weeks ago.  The  package was heavy on things for my nine year old niece.  It just so happens that the Old Navy Outlet had great sales in her size.  I looked for a little something to even things out a bit for the little one.  Lately, she's all about anything with tulle and super girly.  I found two leotards at Target on clearance.  I picked one up for my niece and one for Icie.  I gave my niece her leotard on Thursday when I arrived at my mom's house.  I explained it was only for dress up around the house.  We all went out to dinner together.  My sister stopped quickly at her house after dinner.  The stop was solely for a bathroom break and they were back out the door.  My sister told the girls to keep their shoes on because they were leaving as soon as she was done in the bathroom.  My sister called to the girls and headed out her door, back to her car.  She never even looked back, she knew they were following her.  The girls loaded themselves in the car, everyone was buckled and they were off to their next destination. My sister was surprised when they finally reached their destination to see that my niece had pulled a quick change on her.  Isn't it lovely?  The destination, a funeral home.

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  1. lol ohhhhhh my..... =) well at least when it's kids, it's cute. if you had changed into a leotard for a funeral... well, then I'd be concerned


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