Sunday, September 26, 2010

Are you ready? Can we dance? Let's do it! Break it down!

Want a quick and easy toddler craft?  Want it to cost less than five dollars and cause minimal mess?  Let's do it, break it down. 
Buy some foam door hangers from the dollar store, colors and theme really don't matter.

Go to Nick Jr Printables, and print and cut out some cool Yo Gabba Gabba stuff.

Let toddler play with glue. This is the messiest part I promise.

Stick on your cut outs and let them dry. 

Listen to excited squeals while said toddler decorates door handles throughout the house.

There's also masks to break it down with or...

Totally make your child want to get away from you with.

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  1. OoOOoO I didn't know I could print those out! I need the masks for sure!!


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