Friday, September 10, 2010

Flashback Friday - She's Mine

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Most of the time I feel like the minority in the house.  Icie is so undeniably Dave in every way.  They make the same noises.  They have the same expressions.  They have the same drive to fix things in their own way.  They both talk non stop, at least with Dave I understand about ninety percent of what he's saying.  I'm not complaining, it's just an observation.  Icie and Dave both need me and that's a great feeling.  I am the one the both turn to for comfort and it's the best thing ever. 
This week I was reminded of one thing that Miss Icie gets very honestly.  Icie is my little water baby buddy.  We were able to get in one night swim before the weather got a little cooler last week.  I am not a great swimmer, I just love the water.  I could stay in a pool all day if I had the time. 
I felt so blessed as we swam around just after dark.  My mom would glance out at us from the living room window, but it was just me and my girl. We laughed and splashed.  We were on the same page, enjoying the same thing. 
The pictures I chose for this week are from our first swim together ever.  We were in a hotel on our first house hunting trip to Michigan.  Icie was almost five months old.  It took her a few minutes to figure it out, but she was kicking like a champ in no time.  It was such a great day that I am posting pictures of my fat ass makeup free in a bathing suit, that's good stuff. 
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  1. Awww, I want to take my babies swimming now!!

    Its so difficult, when the baby is just like the Dad. Well, difficult for the Mom at least. I know my daughter is EXACTLY like her father. Nobody has ever told me that she looks like me, they all gush over how shes the spitting image of her Dad. It warms my heart, of course, because its true, and I love them both. But boy I sure was happy when my son cane out look just like me, hee hee.

    So nice that you and her can share your love for swimming. I hope you get to keep that.

  2. I love getting in the pool with Pie. She kicks her fat little legs, and splashes, and generally tries to figure out what the water is. There's something so perfect about her squirmy little self in the water.

    You two are adorable in those pics!!

  3. Great pics, I love the last one!


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