Saturday, September 25, 2010

He Already Knows The Way To Her Heart

My future son-in-law already knows the way to his woman's heart.

A stuffed animal that doubles as a pillow and a blankie to snuggle in his absence.  The little man also sent her some sparkly shiny stickers, some cool dinosaur tabs, and a Barbie t-shirt.  He's a smooth one that, Jack.  Icie is swooning. 
Jack's mom  is no slouch either.  It's so great to have a friend that "gets me" and knows how absolutely thrilled I'd be with a label maker and a framed picture of the one, the only, the true domestic diva, Zoila Chavez.

I started this blog to find my own voice.  I've found it.  I've also found a great community and a truly great friend.  

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  1. aawwww! I'm so glad y'all like it all. I had so much fun creating that package. I've already started my next package...haha!

    Thank you for being so great! Can't wait 'til April!

    I use exclamation points a lot, don't I?! LOL.


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