Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's Get On With The Learning.

My kitchen table has now official become "Emily's House of Learning" .  I haven't been sure if I was doing enough "academic" activities with Icie.  I decided this week I'd scour the Internet for help and ideas.  I settled on some worksheets and craft projects from Nick Jr. 
We are going to focus on a letter a week and some general crafts.  I printed a bunch of things on the letter A and some Halloween coloring pages.  I don't expect any of this to be too fruitful, I mean she's not even two yet.  I just thought it doesn't hurt to expose her to these things. 
I also found some great number, letter, and color window clings at the our local dollar store.  I thought it would add to the whole "schooling" ambiance. 
Honestly this whole "mini pre-school" crap is just a distraction for Miss Thing while I clean and or make a meal in the kitchen. I get her started with a coloring page, and do a few things.  I take a little break from my chores and help her and then let her do her thing a little longer. 
I'm a multi-tasker!


  1. LOVE those window clings! I would love something like that for inside the car so Jack can see them when he's bored in the back seat.

  2. The window clings are awesome...I'll have to keep an eye out for those.


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