Monday, September 20, 2010

Limited Edition

I have been following Elizabeth's blog Delightfully Tacky since I got into this whole blog world this winter.  She's got a style all her own that I adore. 
Elizabeth is embarking on a road trip in her Winnebago and recently posted a fundraiser for her trip. Icie and I knew we had to have one of the limited edition totes.
I'm pretty sure that Elizabeth didn't envision an almost two year old using her tote to lug around Woody, Buzz, and Barbie, but what can we say she's fashion forward bitches and supports independent fashion bloggers.
The bow in Icie's hair in these pictures was a gift with purchase perfect for Miss Thing. 
Check out Delightfully Tacky because I'm sure her road trip adventures will be a must read. 

P.S.  I know three posts in one day is bit sad, but it's a glamorous life here and I had to share.


  1. Cool bag! I love it. My son has that same Buzz. He is just CRAZY for Woody!

  2. Just spent some time looking through your older posts!! I love your blog. :)

    And I'm in Pittsburgh ♥

    Glad Lacey sent me your way!!

    Newest follower!


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