Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Jose

I never had the chance to meet my father-in-law.  Dave's dad passed a year or so before we met.  I wish I would have known him.  I've had the feeling since Dave and I started dating that I would have loved him.  I'm not sure why I've always had this feeling.  I guess it's the way that Dave talks about his dad, with such respect and love.  There's always a longing in his voice when he talks about his dad. 
I think that Dave would love for his dad to see his little family. 

I love looking at pictures of Dave's parents.  There's a love that you can feel even just looking at a picture of the two of them together.  I hope that Icie will look back at pictures of Dave and I and have that same feeling. 

This summer on our trip to visit Dave's mom we converted many of her VHS tapes to DVDs.  I had seen a few videos of Dave's dad before, but one on this trip really hit me. 

In the video, it's the early 80's, the clothes, the hair, and the decor are dead give aways.  Dave and his sister are sitting on a couch surrounded by adults having what seems to be a typical after dinner kind of a talk.  Dave is probably around nine or ten in the video and his sister is around six.  They are doing typical kid things trying to get the attention of the camera.  They are both adorable in the video, but my eyes and my ears are constantly drawn to Dave's dad. 

I have no idea what the conversation is because it's all in being spoken in Spanish.  I was just watching the mannerisms and listening to the inflection in his voice.  It's Dave and it's Icie .  I could have watched the video over and over again. 

Now when Icie makes a certain face or stand a certain way I don't just see Dave,  I see his dad too.  I am so grateful for that tape. I can't wait to show it to Icie when she's old enough to understand that her Abuelo is with her. 

I never knew my mother's father, but I've always felt connected to him.  I wish I had a video of him.  I just sometimes wonder if there's anything that makes me a "Little Pat" like there are things that make Icie a "Little Jose".

Oh, and P.S.  How do you not love a man that was willing to get on a statue for a photo op?

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