Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Make The Most of It!

So the lovely winner of my Gymboree giveaway, Sara  agreed to play my game.  I gave her the option of picking out everything herself or trusting me to get the most bang for her buck.  Sara decided to trust me.  My only directions were no animal print and her daughter's current size. 
So here's what Sara's styling daughter will be wearing in five to ten business days!

Outfit One

The top is technically a dress.  Icie has this combo only her leggings are black and white.  It's nice because each piece can work with other items.

Outfit Two

Icie has several items from the horse collection.  My mom is a horse enthusiast and Icie loves visiting the stables when we visit Pittsburgh.  Icie wanted Sara's daughter to have some "hawsees" too.  Plus the white top can do double duty with the red and white leggings from outfit one.

Outfit Three

A little fall fun for outfit three!  Plus if  you visit Sara's site you'll know why the top is perfect for her little one.

And lastly since Halloween is right around the corner one last item rounded out her winnings.


  1. So who's jealous of my haul? Everyone? Yeah that's what I thought!!

    Emily this stuff is AWESOME! I cannot wait to get Pie all suited up. And the Pie shirt...couldn't be more perfect!!!!

  2. Wow what a haul she is getting. NICE! Congrats Sara!

  3. that is a TON of stuff! You always know the best deals ;)

  4. umm LOVE! I am a total Gymboree addict! I was spending my hard earned gymbucks on the Tres Chic line today :)

  5. Sara, you little stinker! I wanted to win this!
    Just kidding...congrats girl!
    Emily, nice job picking out the outfits. They are super cute!


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