Monday, September 13, 2010

Model Monday ~ There's No Place Like Home

Babydoll T-Shirt and Jeans * Gymboree * Purchased with Gymbucks
Sparkle Shoes * Meijer * $12.99
Book * Vintage Richard Scarry (1967) * Belonged to my dad

Icie has become obsessed lately with a set of old Richard Scarry books that belonged to my dad.  The second that she gets a chance to attack the bookshelf in her room, she grabs one.  The boat book was the winner today.  It's been with her all morning, except her brief stint in time out for smashing Cheerios into the carpet.  I know, adorable right?
I am happy to report that now that I'm back on my home scale I was pleased with my progress for the past two weeks.  I lost two pounds.  That brings me to about twenty-four pounds lost so far.  I am nowhere near where I'd hoped to be by this time of year.  I am still going down though so I'll take it. 

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