Monday, September 27, 2010

Model Monday

T-shirt * Meijer * $5
Skirt * Carter's * $7ish
Leggings * Target * $4
Shoes * Old Navy * $4

In keeping with our Halloween/costume theme until Halloween I give you Snow White.  I love these little t-shits from Meijer.  We got a Beauty and the Beast one too.  You can't beat $5 for a little practical dress up fun.  Icie just started calling herself a "pincess" this week so I thought this was perfect.   The Princess and The Frog has been OnDemand this week and it's quickly become a favorite.  We've been getting requests for the "froggy" movie all weekend, and a nice little bonus, Diego is on the back burner!
My weight loss journey this week was filled with highs and lows.  The high was actually being told at my yearly check up that I was in the "skinny girl exam room".  The nurse told me that the rooms with reclining exam table/chairs have a weight limit so I had made it below the weight limit.  I was now a "skinny room patient" !  The nurse laughed when I told her that was the only skinny in my life.   The low was eating like a pig this week.  I could not control my hands shoving snacks in my mouth all week long.  They had a mind of their own I tell ya! I was dreading getting on the scale this morning.  I was feeling guilty and bloated.  I peeked down at the scale as if squinting would somehow magically change the number.  I gained a tenth of a pound.  I'm not counting it, so no change this week!   I was relieved but still disappointed with myself.  


  1. I am in love with the dress up shirts! SO fun!

    congrats on the skinny room! I had no idea about that! I'm terrified to ask which room they put me in hahahaha

  2. Very cute! I have never seen the dress up shirts.


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