Sunday, September 19, 2010

Window Shopping

I love shopping.  I hate shopping for myself.  I hate trying on clothes.  I feel guilty spending money on myself. I'd much rather shop for other people. It makes me happy.
Every once in awhile though I go virtual window shopping for myself.  I almost never purchase anything.  The act of surfing websites and putting things into my shopping bag is enough.  I sign off ninety-nine percent of the time without ever making a purchase. 
I went on a pretend fall wardrobe spree tonight.  I'm feeling a little bit country and little bit rock and roll lately.  I think it's my new shaggy rocker haircut.
My first stop was Nordstrom for these delicious Uggs. 

After Nordstrom I hit my favorite stand by store, Old Navy for these key pieces.

Since I was already at Old Navy, I decided that their sister store Gap was the next logical step. I feel in love with these crop jeans.
Piperlime then called my name and these booties were waiting for me.
Some funky tights were next on my list and I found these gems over at We Love Colors.
What pretend shopping spree would be complete without some cuteness from Modcloth?

A great vintage inspired bag from Fossil.

And a shirt from Bravo with my personal hero's face on it.
What's on your pretend shopping spree list?


  1. ok, those UGGS are fab, I saw those too and loved themmmmm.. the bag is awesome too... we just have great taste. I think an Old Navy stop is in order next time you're home. Ok, Ross park mall... since they have nordies AND old navy haha

  2. Love this post. I love window shopping. I actually have an wishlist full of things I want but will probably never buy. I usually save them for Christmas so my in-laws have something to reference for my gifts being as they usually have no idea what to get me because they don't really "get" me or know me all that


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