Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work It Wednesday ~ Ella Puts Her Stamp On Me

Last Thursday while I was in Pittsburgh, my oldest friend, Brooke and I met up for a little shopping play date.  Icie and I brought along my niece, Ella  with us to play with Brooke's son and Ella's buddy Owen. Brooke is a major makeup officianado and had a return to make at Sephora.  My local Sephora is a small store located inside a JC Penney.  It's a nice Sephora but they only carry the bestsellers. I had seen an article about Chic Prints for Nail  in a magazine and while waiting for Brooke, Ella, Icie and I found the display.  I suck at painting my nails. My hands shake, I get polish everywhere, and I hate waiting for them to dry.  I seem to inevitably smudge or chip them within minutes of finishing the job.
I thought that maybe this stick on option would work for me.  I gave Ella the honor of choosing my pattern.  I figured if I like them I'll buy something more suitable for everyday wear, but for now I'm a Tiger, GRRRRRRR!
So I gave Ella the assignment to put together an animal print outfit for today's post.  This is what she came up with all on her own.  The butt pose is all Ella too, she wanted to make sure you all could see the animal print on her shorts.  The back drop is my sister's famous salt and pepper shaker collection, don't be jealous.  I'm also told that my older niece, Lela was off to the side instructing Ella to "work it"!  

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  1. I seriously don't see your sister as a salt and pepper shaker collector. Never could have called that one lol

    The nails turned out SO cool! I need to try that!

    LOVING Ella's outfit ;)

  2. If you really knew me....


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