Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ GET HER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Two things I learned during the last days of my pregnancy with Icie are brought back to mind with this photo. First, catheters are not fun no matter how much you tell yourself it won't be too bad.  Secondly, thinking that a hospital that has the word women in it's name would have a gown that didn't cut off my circulation was silly. 
I had about two weeks to go to my due date when this picture was taken.  My blood pressure had been up at my weekly doctor visit.  My doctor sent me to the hospital for monitoring.  I was so hoping they would tell me that Miss Icie's timer had popped and she was coming out.  I was miserable.  I'm pretty sure Icie was miserable too.  The space inside my womb was getting smaller and smaller and her kicks were getting more and more insistent.  I swear she told she wanted out too. 
Instead I was monitored for two hours on the hardest gurney in the world.  Again, silly me thought that a hospital with the word women in their name would have something a little more comfortable for a pregnant whale like myself to sit on.  I swear no matter where or how I sat on that piece of crap I felt some piece of metal or spring or something hitting a pressure point. 
After two hours of monitoring, blood work, and that oh so fun catheter I was discharged.  I went home to bake Miss Thing for a few more weeks.  The one good thing about this little excursion to the "womens'" hospital? When my doctor asked if I would mind delivering at another hospital, the shine of my first choice hospital had been severely dulled.  I ended up delivering Icie in a regular old hospital and it was the best thing ever.  Nicer room, better staff, and a wonderful NICU that took amazing care of Icie during her unexpected three day stint. 
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  1. I have the same reaction! Ok not about birthing, I don't have babies, but about the "women's" hospital thing! I was picking a surgeon for my potential breast reduction (is that too much info? nice to meet you...) & as soon as I saw he operates at the womans hospital I was sold. Luckily I really like this Dr. & feel very comfortable, but I totally see what you're saying about the expectations. :)

  2. I delivered both kids at different hospitals (one "Women's" the other "regular"). I think it's luck 'o the draw as far as staff goes, but one would think that a specific/specialty hospital would do a better job at catering to their target audience. Glad to hear you had a good experience in the long-run.

  3. Last year I had to have a "girl exam" at a women's hospital, which consisted of my proping myself up on an overturned bed pan...awesome

  4. I've had 3 c-sections now, meaning THREE cathaders. This last time (just a few months ago) I got myself through the c-section, by breaking it down into the "bad parts". First one, getting the IV in my hand. I have deep veins, I knew I'd be stabbed several times before they found it, and it would HURT. The second thing- the cathader. I remember how awful it had been the last two times, and nothing in the world could make it better. It lived up to its reputation. The third thing- drinking the "grape vomit". The stuff they make you drink so you don't burn your lungs if you get sick during surgrey. The fourth thing- the spinal. OH THE PAIN OF THE SPINAL. Its not an epidural, its worse. And then the 5th thing- the drop in blood pressure that I'd feel as a result from a spinal, which pretty much makes me feel like I'm slipping away from life to death.

    The things we do for our children! Its so worth it though.

    God, I hate the cathader.


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