Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ Stand Up, Slobber and Smile

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 These are some of my favorite pictures of Miss Thing.  They are from around this time last year.  It was on of the first crisp nights of fall.  The first night that required full on fleece jammies.  Icie was still in her super slobber phase, like 4 bibs a day soaked through kind of slobber.  She was also just starting to get really good and cruising and getting bold enough to take a few drunken sailor steps at a time. 
Icie was fresh from her bath and rounding the corner to bedtime.  We had all the lights dimmed and I decided to give the black and white function on our camera a whirl.  The digital screen on the camera was almost black, so I had no idea what I was capturing until the picture popped up for viewing. 
I love the slobber and the smiles.

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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I love the drooly little smiles!


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