Thursday, October 7, 2010

He Laughed

Once upon a time when I was a skinny minnie living in south Florida I decided it would be a good idea to pierce my belly button.  It was hot, I was spending my days off at the beach or in the pool, it all made sense.  I was eighteen, I lived with parents it was something I could control. After my first belly button ring healed I decided it was high time for a second piercing.  I went out the next day with my BFF at the time in tow.  I remember her telling me she thought it was a bad idea.  I believe I may have scoffed,  my mind was made up, two belly button rings was going to be too cool. 
I rocked those interlocking belly button rings until about five years ago.  The first two years I had them they actually saw the light of day at the beach.  After those first two years I was so over them, but too lazy to bother taking them out. 
Five years ago Dave and I were spending our first Christmas together.  Dave had spent Christmas in Miami and I picked him up at the airport on December 28, 2005.  We ran around spending my Christmas gift cards, ate dinner, stopped at my parent's house and then headed back to my house to hang out for the evening.  We stopped at a beer barn to grab some drinks to take back to my house.  I know a beer barn, classy right?  I was wearing high heels.  Dave walked in ahead of me by maybe a step or two.  I was walking slowly the floor was a little wet from people tracking in slushy snow.   I fell.  Dave laughed. He thought I was messing around.  He just kept on walking to the cooler holding his favorite beer.  I landed on my right knee.  I was still trying to impress him a bit so I tried to play it cool.  I acted as though it didn't really hurt so much.  I tried to laugh too. 
Little did I know that, that little slip and fall would result in me finally taking out those damn belly button rings.  I ended up having to have an MRI done to see what the heck was wrong with my knee.  The rings had to come out. 
I now have four holes in by belly button that remind me of another place and time.  I also have pain in my right knee from time to time that reminds me of my first Christmas with Dave, when he laughed at me when I fell.  He's never going to live that one down.


  1. A Beer romantic. LOL!

    I have the many holes in my ears and the two in my eyebrow to remind me...ahh the decisions of youth.

  2. 2 piercings on your button? Actually I have never seen that. I bet it was cool back in the day :) Oh the wonderful decisions of youth.
    I had my belly button done when I was 16 I think. And I thought it would be a fabulous idea to get my tongue pierced when I was 18. OUCH. I had it for about a year then got tired of it. It wasn't my style.

  3. LOL Gotta love our teenager selfs. Gah - if only I knew then what I know now...

  4. ahhhh the skinny years... i miss them years. I had my bb done too... it got ripped out when i was 21 at work. I had a cool little swirly one that hooked itself and when I unknowingly moved it ripped out. Blood. Pain. SCAR. So embarrassing lol


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