Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm On Probation

We spent the bulk of our day in the car yesterday.  I was in no mood for blogging.  I was in no mood for a weigh-in.  I'm still cranky and tired.  I'm boycotting the scale until next week. I feel fat, or I guess I should say fatter than usual.  I took bathroom mirror pictures this morning to serve as a motivator.  The pictures made me gag.  Literally, I had a physical reaction.  There was a noise too, and not like a fake noise.  It was the kind of noise that just came out of my mouth, something that kind of sound like, "gaaaa-uck".  It was as if my brain and mouth couldn't decide on gag and yuck after viewing the picture. 
I would never ever never post that picture on the interwebs.  The only way that bitch is seeing the light of day is if I lost like 100 pounds and the person in the picture seemed like a different version of myself.  I'm hoping I get to that point one day. 
So as not to have this blog be all Debbie Downer today, I will say that this weekend I took a picture of myself that I'm not to ashamed to post.  Dave and I were able to go to Heinz Field on Saturday to see his alma mater play Pitt.  My husband has friends in high places that were able to get us field passes.  I would literally loose my Pittsburgher card had I not taken advantage of the situation and taken a picture on the field. I'm already on probation for wearing the visiting team's gear.  It's not like it was a Steeler's game, sheeeesh!


  1. Sha! You are SO cute! Big smile. :D

    Embrace your beauty, lady. Embrace it!

  2. I agree with Lacey!

    You look so familiar to me. You didn't used to live in Southern California or have a sister who does do you? Seriously I feel like I know you. So weird.

    How exciting to get to be on the field. I bet lots of people would be jealous over that!


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