Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

Sundays are the best!

I know, I know the picture of my toes is so stupid, but it's serving a purpose.  My toes were an attempt to do something "fancy" as a nod to Megan from Kitschy Suburbia.  Megan is super cool and is always doing something "fancy" with her own nails.  Megan's fancy is light years ahead of my sad attempt at cool.  Megan is also super cool because she gave me this little gem. 

I mean she has to be super cool to give me an award, right?  The rules for this blog award include listing 7 things about yourself and tagging 12 fellow bloggers.  I'm so cheating on the fellow blogger jazz.  I'm going to give this to 3 quality bloggers, 12 just seemed insincere, plus let's keep it real,  I'm lazy. 
First here are the seven facts about me:

1.  I'm afraid that the next time I'm pregnant I will actually feel labor pains outside of a hospital.  I was induced with Icie and never felt a thing until I was soundly under the supervision of my doctor. 

2. I am a crier.  I have tried to control it over the years but almost any extreme emotion brings me to tears.

3. I kinda like ironing.  I hate getting everything out and set up from the laundry room, but once I start I want to iron everything in sight. 

4. I have a very unhealthy attachment to my Boston Legal DVDs.

5. I am never ever satisfied with my bedding.  I am always looking for something softer, a different color, or a different texture. 

6. Ninety percent of the furniture in my house is from Ikea, the other ten percent is from my mom.

7. I'm a quarter Irish, a quarter German and half Polish. 

Okay now onto my three award winners:

Steph from Got One Past The Goalie

Brooke from Blushing Noir

Sarah from Mommy Elephants Everyday Adventures

All these ladies are great, all different, all special.  

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Ahahhaha! Thank you! I was JUST coming over here to tell you that I've given you a blogging award! :) (will post tomorrow)

    And your toe is super cute, fyi! :)

  2. I love the tootsies! :D I love your blog and I'm glad I "found" it. Now I have to go check out the other blogs you tagged.

  3. Congrats and very impressive fancy toes!

    I'm currently rocking the almost not painted anymore because they've grown so much since they were last done and I just keep cutting them. It's an awesome look.


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