Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Gymbuck and Crazy Cash Haul!

My Gymbuck purchases:

I am so cheap that even when I have Gymbucks to spend I shop the clearance sections.  I want to stretch my dollars as far as I can.  I order things that can last over a couple of seasons.  I buy shirts and dresses big.  You can always roll sleeves and dresses go from maxi to mini as Icie grows.  I buy leggings true to size this time of year and hope to get some mileage out of them in the spring as capris. 
Here's what I paid for all that great stuff:
My Crazy Cash purchases:

Crazy 8 is great.  The quality is pretty close to Gymboree but the price is way better.  Now that they offer Crazy Cash I don't I'll have nearly the Gymbucks I usually have in the future.  Icie will not need anything though for a good while.  I am stocked on 2T and 3T pieces.  I'm hoping to not have to do any shopping for her other than her Christmas outfit until next summer.  Here's what the Crazy 8 order ran me:

The Crazy 8 actually had two of the orange skirts.  I sent one onto my niece, Ella.  I'm pretty sure that will result in a great Halloween Work It Wednesday. 
How do you think I did? 


  1. A.MAZ.ING! I seriously need to have you do all my shopping from now on!!

    I still haven't gotten my order, but I'm hoping maybe tomorrow {fingers crossed}

  2. WOW! That's impressive - really.

  3. I agree with both. I don't know how you do it! BTW I am so bummed. I lost my gymbucks they gave me. How did that happen?! I'm so pissed. I put it in a safe spot...too safe I guess. Argh.

  4. you did AMAZING! I am hyperventillating lol I totally need you to come help me Gymboree shop. I get distracted by the full priced shinies! help!

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