Monday, October 18, 2010

We Were On A Payment Plan.

Our health insurance we had while I was pregnant with Icie was crap.  We had ridiculous deductibles, co -insurances, and co-pays.  When I received the bill from the hospital from the delivery and Icie's NICU stay I was given two options.  Pay it off all at once and receive two hundred dollars off  or set up a payment plan, no interest but no discount either.  I decided to keep our cash on hand and since it was interest free I set up the payment plan. 
Our final payment cleared the bank this morning.  We own her outright bitches!  Her title comes in the mail soon.  Icie is the first thing we've paid in full since being married, it's quite an accomplishment.  Now we can feel free to start working on number two.  Luckily our insurance is much better this time around. 

Oh and P.S. Model Monday is on hold this week.  Miss Thing has a terrible cold.  We are rocking leggings and oversized shirts and being bums. 

I did weigh in though and I was slightly more successful with the threat of putting a higher number out on the interwebs.

Week One ~ 229.4
Week Two ~ 228.2


  1. So...if you still owed on her and missed a payment, would they take her back? LOL Yay for PIF! Good luck with #2!

  2. We were on a payment plan too. Just started paying for baby #2. Can't wait to post about making that last payment. Oh in about 6 months we can!
    Congrats on your loss as well :)

  3. Hells yeah! Just be careful, things usually start to break after the final payment!!

  4. Hahaha, all these comments are cracking me up! Congrats on your loss!

  5. LOL that's awesome - congrats! Though some days I wish they would come and repo my four year old...


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