Saturday, October 2, 2010


Tia is hosting a great giveaway this weekend.  She's giving away food!  You can't stop a fat girl from trying to win some food, player.   Smart Treat is offering one of Tia's readers four items of your choosing.  Smart Treat makes all their treats in small batches, offering wheat free, dairy free, gluten free, and vegan options.  I am really not concerned with any of those options, I'm just hunnnnngryyyyy!  I'm hungry and Tia's blog was glaring in my face this morning, taunting me with pictures of food.  Thanks a lot Tia! 
In all seriousness I am trying to make an effort to try different things.  What harm is there in eating something tasty that has the added benefit of not having so much junk added and has quality ingredients.
So go over to Tia's post and enter to win some yummy treats.
Oh and P.S.  Tia's blog is a little more than kinda fantastic.  You will heart her instantly if you don't already.  That picture at the top is hers.  Tell her I sent you, maybe then she'll be my friend and some of super coolness will rub off kinda all osmosis like. 

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