Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Fingers

So, if you read my blog on regular basis you know I have a few great bloggy buddies.  Megan from Kitschy Suburbia and I were connected by my bloggy bestie Lacey during a mail swap (go ahead throw up in your mouth a little bit because I used the phrase "bloggy bestie", I know I did).  Since then we've been pretty good buds.  I am always amazed at her manicures and more than a few of her recipes are on my "to try" list. 
Megan sent me on a mission this week to find some polishes that she couldn't come up with locally.  Isn't it nice to have friends from all over the country?  I accepted my challenge, and because I rock I found all three on her list.  I was inspired by the sparkly shades I sent off to Megan, but I don't have the steady hand to do the fancy manicures that Megan pulls off.  I wanted something festive though, and I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg.  I turned to my favorite peel and sticks, and tada! 
I do have a thumb, I just thought the Christmas bulb border was prettier.
I have used these once before on my fingers and on my toes.  They lasted on my fingers for well over two weeks and on my toes for a month and a half with some minor maintenance.  I LOVE these things.  You can find them HERE.  They are a nice treat every once in awhile, and I thought Christmas being right around the corner was a perfect time to spend the $15.

Oh and P.S. Tomorrow I have something fun planned for my 200th post, be sure to check it out!


  1. I love your peel and sticks. I'm scared to try!!!!

  2. I saw this post in my reader and I thought "Oh! Look at your FINGERS!" LOL Yay!!! I love those peel and sticks - they look great. :D I might be able to pull something like this off with my stamps. You've inspired me! And it's SUPER awesome to have bloggy buddies all over the country (and beyond)! *giggle*

  3. Wow! 2 weeks?! That's amazing. I wonder if they have them in solid 'ghetto' gold. I'm going to check out that link.

  4. Very festive! I keep telling Megan that I can only manage clear polish, but peel and sticks might be a possibility.

    And it is awesome to have bloggy friends all over. You never know what they can get for you!


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