Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Don't Sew.

I thought perhaps this post was a bit of pandering to the mommy bloggers I so admire, but it's an exercise in keeping it real.  I am always inspired by how crafty and clever all you bloggers are, the stuff some of you come up with blows my mind.  I am not crafty, nor am I clever.  I cannot commit to a project that takes more than thirty minutes to complete, and even that is stretching my attention span to it's breaking point.  I have thought about taking up sewing, but then I found out there's measuring and addition and subtraction and planning involved.  It sound all a little too much like work.  So with out further adieu here is the simplest craft tutorial, from the laziest crafter ever.

Now whether or not these suckers will survive a washing or the wear and tear of Miss Thing is yet to be seen.  I'm not worried though, because I got a whole roll of seam tape and I'm not afraid to use it. 

Oh, and P.S. another little nugget of laziness, I realized after I edited these pictures that I spelled fusible wrong, oh well.  Blogger Grammar Gods be damned!


  1. This is quite timely. I'm headed to Target (damn Target) today. I may have to get some goodies and make Pie seasonal leg warmers. Hooray for lazy crafting!!

  2. CUTE! Maybe I'll pick up a couple pairs for my bestie's little girl. :)

  3. Ooh! GREAT idea!!

    I don't sew either. Like not even buttons.

    And I am not willing to pay 10 bucks minimum for a pair of legwarmers for my baby!

    I'm excited to try this!

    Thanks, Emily!!

  4. I've been having a pair of thigh-high socks sitting next to my sewing machine for over two weeks with intentions to do just this project. I've been putting it off becuase I just don't wanna but that no-sew hem stuff looks tempting and quick!


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