Monday, November 15, 2010

Model Monday ~ Don't Call It A Comeback

It was so nice to take a whole week off to get my head right about this blog.  I gained some much needed perspective.  I had plenty of time to think and refocus.  I had a lot of time to do this because on Thursday the plague settled in our house and we all spent the bulk of the weekend either at urgent care or  hanging out on the bathroom floor. 
Dave and I had more of a stomach bug and Icie has her first ear infection of the season.  We all are feeling much better this morning.  I'm aware what I'm about to tell you is going to sound crazy, but oh well I'm crazy. I'm okay with it, really.  I feel cleansed.  I am not hungry or thinking about food.  The stomach bug was a blessing in disguise. 
So here are my weigh-in stats for this week:
Week One ~ 229.4

Week Two ~ 228.2
Week Three ~ No Official Weigh In
Week Four ~ 229.2 up a pound, BOOO!
Week Five ~ No Official Weigh In but I'm pretty sure it was around 230 ish
Week Six ~ 227.3  (thank you stomach bug)


  1. I'm so sorry you guys were sick. That stinks!!

    Icie looks always.

  2. Being sick SUCKS - for everybody!! Cute dress on your cute daughter. Oh, and thanks for the earworm. I have to go find that song NOW! LOL

  3. welcome back!!
    that bug is going around, my nephew is home with it today.
    can't wait to see you guys!


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