Saturday, November 20, 2010

What the???

I stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror for about five minutes. Was it? I’m not sure; it could be, but maybe? I stood there debating. I mean maybe I’m just paranoid. Maybe it was the shirt I was wearing. Maybe it was the way I was standing.
I got an idea. I walked out of the bathroom through our bedroom and into the kitchen where Dave was standing. He asked me what I was doing. I called back to him as I ran up the stairs, “I’m going need your help on an experiment.”
I knew just what I was looking for when I opened up my file box. I knew I had stored a measuring tape in there awhile back. I ran downstairs and handed the measuring tape to Dave. “Measure my arms; I think one is significantly bigger.” I barked at him. He looked at me like I was crazy, a look I am very familiar with, and then he measured each arm twice. I think he didn’t believe it. I think he thought it was just another one of the things I’m paranoid crazy about.

One of my arms is a full inch bigger around than the other. I use my right side so much to lift Icie and maneuver her that it’s totally thrown off my muscles. I’m not sure how to fix it other than the super obvious start using my other arm, but it’s hard for me to do things left handed. I guess for now though I’ll just have one freakishly bigger muscle.


  1. LOL It's like those guys who just work one arm at the gym. I'm sure it's not noticeable by other people. When I was exercising a lot, my hubs pointed out that one of my shoulders was significantly higher than the other and I obsessed about it for a while. Now I just don't care (probably cuz I'm not exercising like I was). *hugs*

  2. I couldn't tell when I saw you yesterday! You're a superhero! Your super power is strength and love! Super Mom!!

  3. LOL. Man, not to laugh at your misfortune or anything, but this got a laugh out of me. I was playing the scene out in my head and you telling your husband to measure your arms had me in tears.

  4. I know a great way to keep you from using your right arm...keep a glass of wine in your right hand. :) Then you will be forced to use your left for all other things!

  5. If there were boats for this kind of thing, we'd definitely be in the same one because I have a boob that is significantly bigger than the other. tehehe.


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