Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eating Words and Chicken Nuggets

At least once a week I have a moment where I completely eat more words as a parent. I think if you don’t have one of those moments every once in awhile, you are either (a) lucky or more likely (b) completely delusional.

I swore that Icie was not going to be one of those kids that only ate chicken nuggets. We started out strong; she loved just about everything we threw at her during the baby food stage. I can’t remember when it happened but not long after we started her on table food, she had a gagging incident and it’s been all downhill since.

We had awhile after the gagging nastiness that she didn’t want anything to do with any food at all and we had to work our way back over a few weeks time. Then she started eating again, but wanted nothing do with anything that wasn’t chicken or noodles.

We have tried to get some fruits and veggies in her diet by making smoothies, or hiding veggies in noodles, we’ve had minimal success. I’ve snuck other meats into her rotation by calling them chicken. We put liquid vitamins into one of sippy cups of milk every day.

I have tried making her sandwiches with organic reduced sugar jelly and cut them with cookie cutters to make fun shapes. I know it’s a stretch but I thought at least it’s something. Icie picked up her star sandwich, gave it a sniff, rolled her eyes, put it back on the plate, and pushed it away. We had a stand-off that ended in her eating string cheese and crackers while I ate her delicious star sandwich.

Things have gotten a little better lately, she’s started to like pizza (even my home-made “healthy” version), and she will dip her finger into some applesauce and lick an almost undetectable amount off of said finger. She’s taken a few bites off of a banana, you know because Boots (from Dora the Explorer) likes bananas. She will drink a few sips of a juice if it’s in a Capri –Sun style pouch. She will eat any bland almost no flavor style cereal if you tell her it is cookies. Cotton candy flavored yogurt in a tube is acceptable most days as a snack.

I guess it doesn’t sound too horrible, but there are days when nothing is successful and I feel like such a failure as a mom. It’s that sour feeling though that sticks with me when I reach into the freezer for the bag of chicken nuggets or head through a drive thru for kid’s meal that kills me.

After each defeat I make a new resolution to try harder, to be better, to not go to the last resort, but sometimes the will of a two year old wears me down.

I just hope that one day Icie doesn’t look like this.


  1. Owen went through that chicken nugget stage around the same age. It'll go on til she gets sick of them. He ate veggies with them though, so I figured whatever. Nuggets and peas... I'll choose my battles. LOL


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