Friday, December 31, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ Was This Really So Bad?

August 2009, and my daughter was napping peacefully in her playpen in the living room.  Two hours would pass, laundry would be folded, dishwasher unloaded, dusting done.  This was a bad habit?  Nap time in the living room was a bad habit I was determined to break.  We instituted mandatory nap time in her room.  Naps are hit or miss now.  Some days we get a full two hours, sometimes it's an hour of jabbering on the monitor.
Naps would not be so crucial if her sleeping habits at night were stellar. There is no rhyme or reason as to what is going to constitute a good nap or a good night's sleep.  There was a struggle yesterday for a nap. My face inadvertently got in the way of her foot. Fifteen minutes of sleep happened after two hours of struggle. 
After a day of playing I thought for sure we'd be in for a good night's sleep. We ran into the double edged sword though, droopy eyes at six-thirty last night.  Six-thirty is entirely too early for her to go to bed.  We tried to stretch her until seven.  There was fussing, and an overall night of restless sleep heard on the monitor most of the night.  A meltdown happened at around one this morning. 
I wish I could just fall back asleep like she does.  I can't.  Waking up long enough to comfort, re tuck and distribute a cuppy totally messes me up.  Dave, no problem he's snoring before you count to three.  I start my routine of unwinding, trying to stop my head from racing, and slowly falling back to sleep.  I maybe in bed for a long time, but I swear sleep doesn't come until about four every morning.  I get my best sleep from four to six everyday.  It's solid, sleep of the dead sleep.  These two hours used to be supplemented by a steady nap time in the living room. 
August 2009 was the time of the guaranteed cat nap to refuel with Miss Thing after my chores were done.  Now not so much.  I'm beginning to wonder why I was so quick to break that habit, was it really so bad? 

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  1. I feel your pain. Nate only naps when he's at grandma's house now and Mason only naps once a day. Luckily, though, they both sleep really good at night. I say do what works!

  2. In the moment, it always seems worse than it really is.

    I miss the days of daytime naps. For both me, AND my 4 year old, haha.

  3. Pie is a terrible napper. She gets all kinds of grumpy and eye-rubby but then fights it like mad. So she ends up napping all over the place. We'll take whatever we can get!


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