Monday, December 6, 2010

Model Monday ~ A Diva is Born

Dress ~ Gymboree
Tights ~ Gymboree
Shoes ~ Meijer
Legwarmers ~ Made by me!

Icie is all about singing. We have tons of Icie friendly music on the Ipod.  Icie and I rock out on our trips around town.  We recently have been stuck on the soundtrack to The Princess and the Frog.  Icie also does a nice rendition of Tap It Out by The Fresh Beat Band.  She likes to tap it out in her "parkle" shoes, she tapped with such vigor last week that she bit it in the kitchen and boom fat lip. 
My week in weight loss was okay.  I have been doing a little experiment in relation to this post.  I plan on filling you all in next Monday in addition to my normal weigh in.  So here are this week's stats:

Week One ~ 229.4

Week Two ~ 228.2
Week Three ~ No Official Weigh In
Week Four ~ 229.2 up a pound, BOOO!
Week Five ~ No Official Weigh In but I'm pretty sure it was around 230 ish
Week Six ~ 227.3 (thank you stomach bug)
Week Seven ~ No Official Weigh In
Week Eight ~ 226.1
Week Nine ~ 225.0


  1. She is too cute!! It's a good thing that I have bloggy buddies that have girls (that way I don't have to try for a girl and get a 3rd boy). LOL You're doing well on your weight loss! Keep up the good work!!

  2. I love the parkle shoes. Pie has some too and I search for outfits that she can wear them with. Though I usually find red glitter all over her face because she tries to eat them.

    Icie looks amazingly adorable!


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