Monday, December 13, 2010

Model Monday ~ For Aunt Mandy and New Friends

Skinny Jeans ~ Osh Kosh
Sweater Dress ~ Gymboree Outlet
Undershirt ~ Old Navy
"Parkle" Shoes ~ Target
Bow ~ Target
Book ~ Birthday present from Aunt Mandy

Diaper changes and getting Miss Thing dressed go a bit smoother with a book to entertain her.  Today she picked up the book my sister got her for her birthday.  It's Tori Spelling's children's book, kinda of fitting today since I scored a Little Maven dress half price on Zulily for Icie.  We picked out this dress today with my sister in mind,  yorkies are her favorite. 

I am giving up the weigh ins until after Christmas.  I just want to enjoy my holiday and test myself to see if I can handle things without the accountability of the scale.  I am pleased though to introduce you to my new best friend.
That is a Shake Weight, and we are slowly becoming the best of friends.  It's still new, we've only been together for 15 days, but I'm pretty sure it's love.  I've been fiddling with different routines since I discovered that one of my arms was a whole inch bigger than the other, and I had minor freak out (you can read about it HERE).  I was skeptical as to whether this thing would really work, but I figured the $20 would be spent in the name of science.  I am pleased to announce that although my arms are still uneven, the gap is closing.  It took some trial and error to find the right combo, and I'm still not quite there. In 15 days though I've lost an inch and seven eighths from one arm and an inch from the other.  I'm going to continue the experiment for one more month and I'll report back with a full before and after photo and hopefully two completely even and toned arms.  Wish me luck.


  1. I love almost all of the Little Maven stuff. I just can't make myself spend that kind of money!

    Can't wait to hear about the shake weight...other than making me laugh, I've been super curious.

  2. LOL I've seen those shake weights around and all I hear is how people equate them to something not so exercise related. LOL I hope it works for you! Your little stinker is stinkin' cute!


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