Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pretty Things from Piggy's Place

Icie's name letters have had many incarnations in her young life.  They originally were painted in stripes and polka dots, and then quickly painted solid for her nursery in our Pittsburgh house.  I struggled with hanging them here in our Michigan house.  I tried sticky strips but they were too heavy. I so couldn't bring myself to putting a nail hole into our fresh new walls.  I was kind of in awe of the newness of our house that it seemed like blasphemy to pound a teeny tiny hole in the wall.  I have finally come to terms with the fact that this is our house and we can make it ours.  Since I was going to go all the way and pound holes in the wall I might as well add some ribbon and stickers and viola bow holder.
Recently Natalie of One Porkchop opened up an Etsy shop called Piggy's Place.  I can solidly say I'm addicted to her bows.  I hated having them sitting in the organizer in the closet.  It was one more argument for nail holes and a proper bow holder.  So eight nails later (four for the ribbon and four to hang them on the walls) we have a functional piece of art.  All of Icie's bows are front and center and all I have to do is grab one every morning.  The whole thing has been a success at keeping Miss Thing's hair out of her face ( and no mom I will not cut her bangs).  Dave has even been more receptive about using her bows because they are right there in front of him. 
We have bows from all over, but I have to say nothing beats the quality of Natalie's bows. There's also a special bonus when I get an order from Natalie.  I am guaranteed about 20 minutes of complete silence while Icie plays with the packaging that the bow comes on.  Icie loves the Piggy logo, she actually walks around with the empty bow holding piece of card stock and hugs it. Yes, my child full on snuggles and hugs a piece of card stock.  She's so attached to the paper pig that I have to wait until she's napping to dispose of the packaging.  So, Natalie if you ever decide to make any items with your Piggy logo on it, you have your first order right here. 

*This was not a sponsored post, we really really just love Piggy's Place!

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  1. I love double duty things. Art and a bow keeper...perfection! Now if Pie just had enough hair to warrant bows...


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