Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Work It Wednesday Showdown Contest

We have two more entries this week!  I get to be a lazy lazy blogger today, hello cut and paste. 

Our first entry is from Sara at Unofficial Mom.

Here's Sara's info about Little Miss Pie's outfit:
Headband - I made
Shirt - I screened on black garanimals tee
Skirt - Target
Parkle shoes - Target
Cute child - bio parents made. heh.

Our second entry today comes from Lauren at Heya Sparky! .

Here's Lauren's awesome write up about about her baby (dogs are kids too!).  
IMDB Profile:

Natalie-Wood Wolcott, a chihuahua from humble beginnings under the birth name "Tootsie", found a new life & a much better name one fateful day at the Animal Rescue League. Since her entry into Pittsburgh high-society, Natalie has found many commonalities with her namesake: style, poise, beauty, and a diva-like attitude. Pictured at home in her posh, vintage-inspired Pittsburgh apartment, Natalie is the epitome of Old-Hollywood elegance. For this rare glimpse into her personal life (the star is notorious for protected privacy and aversion to the paparazzi) she chose a black & white polka dot party dress with pink bow, originally designed for a 2008 party. A subtle rhinestone bone choker completes her ensemble.
And when the weather outside is frightful, Natalie is a ray of sunshine in her red & white coat. Faux-fur, of course, she is a philanthropist & friend to the four-legged brothers & sisters who reminder her of life before her rise to fame. But just because Natalie is at the height of her career doesn't mean her head is in the clouds, she acknowledges with a chuckle the irony of her "hounds tooth" winter wear.

Please be sure to check out both these ladies, they are both completely awesome.  Just give a little clickity click on their names, you won't be sorry.

Want to get in on the Work It Wednesday Showdown Contest?  Click HERE!  Voting starts next week, so you have one more week to throw down! 

Oh and P.S. ~ You can totally ask Sara about how much my prizes will rock, she won my very first giveaway!

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  1. Oh no! I forgot!!!

    Aw well, Pie is working it enough for the rest of us not participating this week. ;)


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