Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big Girl Bed?

Yes, that's a big girl bed in Icie's room.  Yes, there's also a crib there.  There's still some Icie proofing measures that need to go into full effect before that crib retires.  We decided to go ahead and purchase the bed though because we just so happened to be near one of my happy places this week. 
That's right Ikea is one of my happy places. I could spend hours and hours just shuffling around the store aimlessly.  We had a mission though on our visit, and a cranky toddler in tow.  So happy time was shorter than usual, but enough to get my fix in any event. 
We scored the big girl bed and bedding all for a little less than $150, you really can't  beat that.  I had my eye on another bed for Miss Thing, but it sat a little to high off the ground for a first time big girl bed, so this was our winner.  I figure even if the bed rail (we haven't purchased yet) is breached the fall to the floor is a pretty short one.  A little life lesson never hurt anyone, and maybe Miss Fidget Pants will think twice before flinging herself around all willy nilly. 
So everyone keep your fingers crossed that when we give this the full on whirl, that I am not ripping my hair out and walking around even more sleep deprived than I already do.  Thanks much.

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