Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fat Girls Can Get Air Too.

Once upon a time I played sports.  I was adequate.  I had fun. I did not throw like a girl.  I could make a foul shot and the occasional three pointer.  I could do a decent flip turn at the end of a lap in a pool.  I knew how to skate backwards on traditional skates and inlines.  I could do a flip on a trampoline.  I was a solid base, spotter, and before I hit a growth spurt a decent flyer as a cheerleader.  I was never an all star (except one year in softball, when I was on the crappiest team in the league and they had to send someone to the game) but I had fun.  I enjoyed activity once upon a time. 
I'm going to try to get back to that place of enjoyment.  I want to loose the chore end of exercise.  In 2011 I'm going to start looking for fun ways to get moving.   I'm going to look for ways that Icie and I can really play. So much of our playing revolves around toys in the living room this time of year.  Icie brings me one, or we plop down in front of a stack of toys.  Icie moves a lot.  I am base. I am were the toys get dropped before and after her running fits. 
Every year at Christmas my mom buys everyone matching pajamas.  Typically Dave and my brother match, my sister and I match, and my nieces and Icie match.  Every year we do several poses in front of the tree.  Every year there is a picture of me, my sister, and my brother.  Every year we are doing some ridiculous poses.  There is always one picture that stands out.  It instantly becomes a classic.  This year, I suggested a jumping picture.  It took us a couple of tries to get it right. 
I've cropped my sister and brother out of the picture, because this is my blog and I only embarrass myself up in this piece. 

As silly as it sounds, this picture left me hopeful that I could once again capture that girl who enjoyed moving, it gave me hope that fat girls can get some air.  It's serving as my official before picture.   I am hoping by next Christmas I can not only loose weight, but maybe recapture some of the tiny bit of athleticism I once possessed. 
Oh and as a bonus here's my favorite picture of our little family, Dave, Icie, Me, and my double chin.

And for cuteness sake here are the cousins rocking the matching jammies.


  1. Good goal, exercise is SO much better when you forget you're exercising & just having fun. Snow-Football is my #1 favorite.

  2. Emily, I LOVE that Christmas jumping picture! And for the record, I think you look really pretty in it. Honestly.

    Your family pic is ADORABLE! Love Icie's squishy face. :)

    Best of luck in your "get moving" challenge!


  3. Pie has those jammies...in fact she wore them last night!

    You are showing that air whose boss in your adorable pjs!

    I was a sports player too. An all out participant to the point that I broke many, many things. Some several times, like my ankle for the 3rd time which ended my time playing any sport with running or jumping. So yeah...pretty much all sports. I keep looking for that mythical fun exercise so if you find it let me know!

  4. You go, girl!! Woot!! LOL I haven't gotten that much air in a long, long time. I love the matching jammies. If I could find all 4 of us matching jammies, I totally would. :)

  5. Oh for cuteness sake!! Love the jammies. All of them :)
    You can do it. Go get some more air!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the family pics... and would also LOVE to see the original pic of your bro and sis catching some air too lol Loves it

  7. Awesome! Love the middle picture, too cute!


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