Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ Everyone Has Their Signature Pose

1984 Church of God Childcare class picture day.  Church of God, my ass.  Those people were nasty.  The nap mats sucked, and the snacks blew.  The staff inspired me to give them the first ever, and shortly there after patented "I'm going to poop on your head" look. 
I'm going to be honest here, The Church of God Childcare people were probably not the monsters that I remember when I flashback to my four year old self, but I still maintain that they more then kind of sucked. 
1984 was a tough year, there were tons of changes of going on in our family life.  The Church of God people just represented time away from my mom.  My mom was my peace and constant and these damn people with their stupid nap time and snacks just didn't come close to that peace. So, on picture day when they said, "smile" I gave them scowl. 
While I don't have any of them scanned right now, I assure you there is a whole album full of me smiling or trying to smile without showing my teeth for subsequent class pictures.  The signature didn't make an appearance in a formal picture again until my senior year of high school. That time I was just trying to be cool.

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  1. Ugh... how DARE those people even call themselves Church of God wither terrible nap mats like that? Everyone knows REAL Christians would care enough to give the GOOD mats. haha So much agnst, so ahead of your years.

    p.s. Got my delivery & YOU ROCK. I can't believe how much was packed in there! I'll be posting about how much I love it next week.

  2. haha I have your senior pics ;) I think you def need to post that as well!

  3. Wow. That is the look of an angry child, haha.

  4. You look so much like my niece Ella in that picture, it's crazy.

    I have several picture where I'm in tears for whatever reason. Always made my mom laugh.


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