Monday, January 24, 2011

Model Monday ~ Heat Wave

Cardi ~ Gymboree Outlet (last spring)
Skirt ~  Crazy 8 (end of summer clearance)
Leggings ~ Gift from Brooke
T-shirt ~ Carter's Outlet
Booties ~ Crazy 8

We're having a heat wave.  The weather has been down right bitter the last few days. Today, miracles of miracles, it will be in the 20's.  We haven't seen anything above 18 degrees for almost a week now.  I thought the almost tropical weather today called for some bright colors for Miss Thing. 
Icie is in LOVE, L-O-V-E with her new booties.  The very instant I put them on her feet she starts dancing or doing karate kicks.  There's a commercial for a local kid's karate class that plays on Nick Jr here a lot.  I'm pretty sure that once Icie is old enough we'll be signing her up for Little Ninjas. 
I'm completely avoiding talking about my own progress with the weight loss.  I need some focus.  I seriously wish some of my bloggy friends were nearby to have workout/playdates or something. 


  1. snaps for leggings and booties! LOVING that skirt and outfit too! two thumbs up, miss icie!

  2. I'd be in love with those booties too! And as for you... weightloss is like a GPS. Sometimes you go off track & have to turn around at the next available road. So just turn around. You'll be ok.

  3. Looks like Little Miss Thing is feeling better! Those booties totally remind me of Leslie Hall. If you don't know who she is, you should YouTube her - she's bigger than life (and I mean that in a weird kind of way). That cardigan is too cute!

  4. The booties are FAB! And the skirt is fantastic!! Miss Thing always looks so stylish and adorable!


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