Monday, January 31, 2011

Model Monday ~ A Little Love For Aunt Mandy

Love Bug T-Shirt * Gymboree * Purchased with Gymbucks $8.35
Leggings * Gymboree * Purchased with Gymbucks $2.99
Hoodie * Old Navy * $2.49 (after Christmas sale)
Shoes * Target *  Gift from Abuela
Socks * Gymboree Outlet * $1.99
Ponytail Holder * Baubles N Bows  * $3.75 for a set of two

It is freezing out today.  We've already been to Target and back.  My hands are still cold from just going from the car to the store.  I had just the long sleeve t-shirt and leggings picked out for Icie today, but with it being so cold we needed to add some extra layers.  Knee socks and a velour hoodie were just what the doctor ordered.  This whole outfit is kinda inspired by my sister and my nieces.  The velour hoodie is an Aunt Mandy staple, the knee socks and shoes are a Lela speciality, and the leggings are all Ella.  We miss them tons. 
Oh and that ponytail holder is awesome.  I got it from an Etsy shop, and the elastic is perfect for holding fine baby hair.  It's also super duper stretchy right out the gate.  It makes it a lot easier to put a pony in someones hair when there's good stretch.  You know what else would make it easier?  A child that sat still.  There were no good pictures to be had today until I stood in the loft and yelled down to my little wild woman. 
As for my weight, I'm holding steady.  I have not gained anything since Christmas and I haven't lost either.  I have some ideas and goals I'm thinking of for the next six months.  The goals just aren't solid enough for me to share them with all of you yet.  I'm trying to be realistic to stave off disappointment, but I'll share them when I'm ready and I have a solid plan. 


  1. Such a doll! I hope you guys warm up soon. bbbbrrrr!
    Holding steady on your weight isnt bad. At least you havent gained! GOod luck for next week :)

  2. Pie has some black chucks too and she loves them! When they're not on her feet she carries them around. I find them to be incredibly kick-ass and Icie is rockin them! Love the ponytail holder cute!


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