Monday, January 10, 2011

Model Monday ~ Not So Much

So, what started as a little runny nose last night has quickly turned into a puke fest.  It's amazing how much space 30 pounds and 3 feet can take up in a king size bed.  It seemed as though every hour on the hour from around midnight until about six this morning, we were reaching for Miss Thing's bucket.  We had a major laundry run going too.  It seemed no matter how close the bucket was some of that nastiness landed somewhere requiring yet another load of laundry to get rolling.  We seemed to making progress this morning.  Miss Thing napped and kept some liquid down, until I decided to have her try something solid for lunch.  Big mistake.  The living room smells of carpet cleaner and a every once in awhile I still get a smidge of puke.  I deploy more car[pet cleaner and work my scrubbing muscles, but I still smell it.  My handy dandy steamer has been worth it's weight in gold today. 
At one point this morning I thought, maybe it was just a fluke, and Miss Thing was rounding the corner.  She was playing and having fun. As soon as the thought entered my head it was as though the puke happened on cue.  I'm just hanging out waiting for the next puke.  Icie and I are both wearing mis-matched sweats, grabbed from the top of the clean laundry basket, as I threw in yet another load of puke tastic clothes. 
Oh and icing on the puke cake,  Dave has his first class of the semester tonight.  It's a night class.  It makes for a long day, alone, with Pukey McPukerson. 
So, the cutie cute pair of leggings with a tiered tutu attached, pink t-shirt with black "parkles" on it, and Miss Thing's first pair of tennis shoes with laces will have to wait until next week. 

Oh and P.S.  Work It Wednesday Showdowners your prizes are on the way, and shipping out via UPS.  I'll email each of you information on the delivery date later today.


  1. Puke fests are *never* fun!! I hope she doesn't share it with you. :(

  2. OH NO! I hope she feels better real soon.

  3. Just make sure you're scrubbing with both arms, keep those muscles even!

  4. Oh poor love! I hate that!! But even in mismatched sweats Icie looks gorgeous!

    I got some awards and passed them on to you :)


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