Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge ~ A Different View

This week's Paper Mama Photo Challenge is themed "A Different View".  So, I decided to head to the air and the ground as I snapped pictures of Miss Thing watching Toy Story 3.  It's been a cold, gloomy afternoon, and Icie is still recovering from the nasty virus that's been plaguing us all week.  There were cuppies, blankies, and lovies all deployed in keeping everyone nice and cozy while we projected the movie on the wall. 

A cuppie held tight with leftover "parkle"  fingers.

Ducky blanket, Woody, Baby, and Bear Bear all within arms reach.

Jessie gets her hair did.

And the official entry...
"Woody, you okay?"

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The Paper Mama


  1. oh my gosh, I love that first photo soooo much!!!

  2. Awe, so sweet! Such good pictures and entry into the challenge!

  3. Love it.

    Marla @

  4. How adorable...I love how Woody is 'looking back' at her <3 Great capture!

  5. Great interpretation! Great shots :)

  6. These are great!! I love her parkly fingers. :)

  7. The parkle fingers are so fantastic!


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