Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thanks Brooke!

Oh yeah!  I got another blog award from one of my oldest friends in the whole world.  Brooke passed along this bad boy to me.

It's pretty appropriate coming from her, since her blog is all about beauty.  Seriously, if you are ever on the fence about plopping down some money on a beauty product, go visit her blog.  Odds are that Brooke has tried it and can help you out.  She'll probably even tell you where the best place to buy it from is, if you ask nicely.  She knows all the coupon codes and prices. 

So the rules of this little award is to share 7 things about yourself and to pass along the love.  In honor of our almost (gulp) 22 year friendship, these seven things will be exclusively about our friendship. 

1.  Brooke and I were both new to our class in fourth grade.  It seemed an instant bond was in order.

2. We LOVED Babysitter's Club books and even attempted to form a faux club in fourth grade.  There was a slight problem with our plan. Who wants a nine year old to baby sit? 

3. We both wrote novels in spiral ring notebooks and passed them back and forth to each other to read throughout the school day.

4. I'm pretty sure that Brooke still has video of us singing parts of "Here Comes The Sun"  in an elementary school spring musical.  (Brooke would have to confirm this, my memory is a bit hazy on this one).

5. We spent many nights in high school driving around in either my Chevy Corsica or her Eagle Premier.  We each had one car before these, but I think we spent the bulk of our time in these cars. 

6. We both were accepted to Florida colleges, neither of us ended up attending Florida colleges.

7. We dressed as Thing One and Thing Two for senior year Halloween dress up day. 

Okay and for part two, passing on the love.   I'm going to send this one off to my buddy   Go check her out, she's awesome!


  1. ................ <-That's me being speechless b/c this is the VERY FIRST award anyone's ever given me! And I've been secretly really sad at least 20 times when I see other people get them & thought I never would. How silly is that?!


  2. I do have that video ;) haha and probably many more! here's hoping I never learn how to use youtube haha
    also, do you remember those notebooks we had in high school and we used to list requirements for our "ideal guy" but we each had like 250 things hahahahaha omg I wish I could find that.. I know I still have it!

  3. Holy cow...The Babysitters Club. I read that entire series and LOVED it. My mom recently gave me a box of my boxs from when I was little and a bunch of them were in there. It was such a blast from the past.


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