Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unofficial Mom Makes Me Official

Sara at Unofficial Mom is totally the coolest.  I love her, and I seriously want to squeeze her daughter Pie (in a totally non-creepy, but she's just such a cute baby kind of a way).   Miss Sara was kind enough to pass along three blog awards to me and I'm super excited.  I'm super excited because besides Icie pooping on the potty, which in all honesty was just a lucky timed shart, the awards are the bright spot of my day.  We switched from puke to poop around here, and I need a little pick me up. 

So here are the rules of the awards:

Thank your awarder.  ~ Thanks Sara!
Share seven facts about yourself. 
Pass along the love.

Really aren't these the basic rules for all blog awards?  So here are my seven facts.  I know you all are on the edges of your seats.  I mean you stuck with me through that lovely paragraph above that included the word shart, so you must care just a bit. 

1)  I am now officially in love with grape scented Boogie Wipes.  Where were these things when I was a kid.? It's like rubbing a grape scented marker right up your nose, who could ask for more.

2) I am anxiously awaiting the email I am certain will come in my inbox tomorrow. See, I'm a rewards member with Gymboree, and I (along with I'm sure millions of other moms) get to spend my Gymbucks one day early.  ONE DAY EARLY! 

3) I stalk the websites of the top automakers.  I want to, NEED to know what's new in cars all the time. 

4) I would love to try Botox.  I'm not so much concerned about my forehead wrinkles, my bangs cover those.  I want to see if it would actually stop my severe hyperhydrosis.  I'm fairly certain, I'd be the patient that dermatologists would shake their heads at, and swear it works with everyone else. 

5) I pull up pictures from Lacey's blog on a regular basis and point to her son Jack.  I ask Icie, "Who's that?" about a million times a day.  I really, really just love the way Icie says, Jack.  I can't even tell you how cute it is, adorable for real. 

6) I had a hard time parting with the tissue paper that one of my Christmas presents came wrapped in.  It was THIS shirt, and it was wrapped in leopard print tissue paper.  I wonder if Teresa herself touched it? 

7) I held a pair of roller blades in my hands the last time I was at Target.  I put them down when a visual of myself whizzing around the neighborhood popped into my head.  Not cool, my friends, not cool. 

Sara passed these awards on to some great blogs, and I love a ton of blogs,  but I've decided to pass these three along to one of my favorites. 

And Baby Makes Four

Always good for a chuckle, go check her out! 

Oh and P.S. Want to know how you can tell Miss Icie is totally sick?  Her head was on a pillow long enough for me to get my camera from the kitchen and come back.  The child is never, ever, that still even in her sleep.


  1. omg! I definately need a happy wife happy life shirtttttt lol and of course... sexy italian! haha

    I love the pic you took of Miss Icie!! What are you scoping for Gymbucks?! I have $100 worth and I seriously see nothing. Send me a msg to email or facebook and help a sister out lol

  2. Eek! - you're the coolest :) I'll post mine tomorrow (hopefully) while the kids are at preschool. My God, I love preschool!

  3. aawwwww - sick babies, so sad. :(

    Congrats on your award though - and on the poop!

  4. You are totally official!! And I keep telling you, if you were close enough you could squeeze to your hearts content!!


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