Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Work It Wednesday Winners!

The Work It Wednesday Showdown Contest is over!  Here are the results.

Natalie 847

Lydia 704
Ella 593
Pie 440
Owen 80
Molly 34
Jack 29

Total Votes: 2727

Thanks everyone for participating and joining in the fun.  Everyone will be getting a little something for participating.  I used my hard earned Old Navy rewards and found some other awesome deals to make sure everyone will be pleased.  I'm pretty sure I have addresses for everyone who participated so look for something in your mailboxes sometime soon. 


  1. woo hoo! THANK YOU to everyone who voted and to EMILY to the fun contest!
    And, seriously... I'm too excited to see what Natalie is getting ;)

    To Natalie's mommy - I hope you'll post pics!

  2. How fun!! This was fun - I enjoyed looking at all the cute kids (and dogs).

  3. This is so exciting! This will do wonders for Natalie's self-esteem! hehe

    Thanks to all the mommas out there for keeping their sense of humor. The kids were all so stinking cute!


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