Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can You Handle The Truth?

So here we are today with the exciting conclusion to yesterday's post.  I guess I'm a pretty good liar, because no one went for the actual true statement.  You can't see it, but I just threw my head back, did an evil laugh, and now I'm doing Mr. Burns hands.  So let's review.

1) My husband and I almost met years before we truly met. He was a professor at the college that I almost attended and had I pursued the classes I had in mind I would have been one of his students.
This actually could have happened, but it didn't.  Dave had the opportunity to work at the university I considered, but it was years after I considered it.  I also would not have had him for classes since at the time I was convinced a business degree would be my best bet.
2) We currently own three homes, one in Pittsburgh, one in Miami, and our house in Michigan. The Miami house is rented out, and the Pittsburgh house is currently on the market.
This one is partially true.  Our Pittsburgh house is on the market, and we do own the house we live in here in Michigan, however as much as we would love it there is no Miami house.
3) Before I became a stay at home mom I sold cars for a living, Hondas to be exact.
Total lie here, my last job was working for an insurance company reviewing new enrollments,  before that I was an insurance verifier for a hospital.  They were both boring jobs, but the hospital job gave me a bit of satisfaction by being able to help patients.  Most of the patients we saw were senior citizens and it was nice to be able to help them understand their insurance, and be able to make it work for them.  Sadly a lot of insurances bank on the fact that most people will give up the fight for payment, but I wasn't about to let that happen.  I knew all the rules and I was holding them to it.  That's the way I glorify my boring data entry type of job in my own head. 
I actual owe that job a big thanks.  Had I not had oodles of down time and access to the Internet, I would not have met Dave.  Don't wag your finger at me, my work was always done before I started emailing or what not. 
4) When I was in elementary school my parents convinced me that they had lost my birth certificate, but were able to get a new one for me. The only catch to the new birth certificate was that from age eight on my name would legally become Francois.
THIS IS TRUE!  My memory is a little fuzzy on the exact circumstances, but I believe that the church we were attending at the time needed a copy of my birth certificate for my records.  I was attending Sunday school and about to make my first communion. I suppose had I made my first communion a little earlier then the set age of eight the Catholic church may have come down hard on me.  Never mind silly little things like priest and alter boy scandals, early first communions are really what concerns the elders of the church.  So for the week leading up to my first communion I was contemplating my life as Francois. 
My birth certificate is safely in my possession now, no more threats of new identities in my future. 
5) When I was ten I was in a youth choir that performed the national anthem at local events. I performed at Three Rivers Stadium twice and The Civic Arena (Mellon Arena) four times. I feel really old now, because Three Rivers is long gone and The Arena is no longer in use.
Yet another lie.We never went anywhere cool though in any of the choirs that I was in.  I was in choir during school up until my Junior year of high school.  When you became a Junior you had to actually try out for the choir, and though I love to sing I just couldn't do it. 

So there you have it, anyone surprised by the answers?

Oh and P.S.  If you have a chance please go visit my friend Horace's blog.  It's short, smart, funny, with just the right pinch of bitter.  It's called Blogging to The Dogs. .  It's about the simplicity of being a dog, and how most times that trumps being a person.


  1. awww man, I was going to guess that one! The internet was down last night when I read your previous post from my phone. I couldn't figure out how to post a comment. That was a fun game.

    I am definitely playing!

  2. I still need to come up with things for this! Yours were great. :D

  3. How funny! Sorry I didnt play along kiddo is sick and I didnt have much time to blog.

    Hey and THANK YOU so much for donating to the March for Babies. Your amazing!!!

  4. Well my second guess was sort of right. Your parents are my new heroes! That is completely hilarious and totally something my parents would do.

    I was 6 for my First Communion...imagine the dust up!


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