Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ It's In Our Blood Part 2

"Punch, punch, kick!"  I must have heard my niece, Lela say that million times. I think Lela was around four or five when she took a karate lessons.  I watched one of her lessons from behind the glass window.  She had fun and looked super cute in her little uniform.  I'm not sure she learned much more than punch, punch, kick though.
Now when I see Icie walking around the living room yelling, "HI-CHA! CHA! CHA! CHA!"  as she kicks and punches like the little kids in the commercial for the local karate school, I'm instantly reminded of Lela.  I get a little sad because I so wish we were closer  so that when it's time for Miss Icie to join Little Ninjas her "Te-Te" was around to guide her through those tricky punch, punch, kicks. 
We have no idea why Icie calls Lela, Te-Te.  Icie can totally say Lela, repeat it back and everything yet she insists that Lela is Te-Te.  Icie holds a special place for her Te-Te.  She walks around talking her gibberish about her all the time.  I hope that never changes.  I hope that no matter how far away we are Icie always looks up to her big cousin.  Maybe when the time comes we can get Te-Te to Skype some punch, punch, kicks with Miss Icie. 

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  1. The look on her face in that second picture made me laugh out loud! I can't wait to hear abot Icie joing karate and hi-chaing it up!

    One of the two pre-placement requests the Pie's bios made was for her to try some form of martial arts. Her bio dad is very involved in it. It's his one nod to his asian-ness.

  2. sara, you crack me up. {above comment}

    Your neice is adorable. Martial arts are very well at encouraging calmness and structure. I have thought about getting Lila into it many times. She is sort of crazy and chaotic so I think she could really benefit! LOL.


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