Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ It's In Our Blood

This is my niece Ella,The Work It Wednesday Queen.  She's maybe a month or so older than Icie is right now in this picture.  Bill Clinton was speaking from a porch across the street from my sister's house during the 2008 campaign.  We all had gathered to hear my boyfriend Bill speak (Dave knows full well of our affair and he's okay with it.).  Ella was still in her not really feeling anyone but my mom and my sister phase. She wasn't too pleased with us invading her front porch to catch a glimpse at my man as he spoke about the election.  She still rocked those "parkle" shoes though. 
Icie may not get to spend as much time as she would like with her Ella, but she sure can channel the master from time to time when it comes to "parkles".  
Oh and in case you were wondering, Miss Icie was at the rally, hidden safely under my "I Miss Bill" shirt. I was almost to my second trimester, so there's no baby daddy confusion, she's definitely Dave's.  Bill was a bit disappointed.

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*  Bill Clinton is not now and has never been my boyfriend.  That being said had I been an intern...


  1. OMGosh look at that pouty lip! Birds could poop on that lip! LOL She is rockin' those parkle shoes for sure. :D

  2. There really aren't enough times to wear parkle shoes. I should put Pie in hers on more just because days!

  3. I see a strong resemblance between Icie and Ella! I bet they love to spend time together!


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