Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Full Price, Pshhht...

I will not pay full price for anything. I refuse.  I'm for real.  I don't care if I had all the money in the world, I still could not do it. 
One thing that I find it super duper crazy to spend full price on, winter coats.  I especially won't pay full price for a winter coat for Icie.  Last year I scored her two coats she's wearing this year for under $20 for both.  I bought each at the end of the season clearance sale at the outlets.  One of her coats is a smidge bit thinner, but still fleece lined and a solid color, the other coat is a heavy duty bubble fleece lined striped number.  The only thing I held off on buying her this year was a pair of snow pants.  I always have a harder time gauging her pant size than her top size.  It's okay if a top is a little long, pants not so much. 
This week I scored two coats for next winter that hopefully will fit that bill, and again I came in under $20 for the pair. 

The Meijer coat is completely fleece lined and a little more puffy than the picture really gives it credit for, and the Target coat is a little lighter.  The Target one will be perfect for late fall, and early winter before the temperatures get too cold.  The Meijer one will be perfect for this time next year, bitter cold and windy January.  
I know this is a pretty boring post, but I was proud of these steals.  We are bracing ourselves for a doozy of a winter storm and there's really not a whole lot of anything going on around here.  I'm going to fold laundry and make brownies today. Don't be jealous of my glamorous lifestyle, really I know it's hard.


  1. Absolutely you should be proud! You've got a talent, you go ahead & flaunt it. hehe

  2. I bow to your impressive thrifty-ness. Girl you can bargain hunt better than anyone I know!

  3. You go girl! I love to find deals like this but I'm not always good at it. My sister, on the other hand, has a knack of finding "secret" deals and it's just not fair. LOL

  4. I have to laugh, every time I'm out shopping for Noah I think to my self..what would Emily do? I'm always browsing the bigger sizes for a steal and I've already started a stock of 18m, 24m, and 2t gear! You inspire me:)


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