Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Don't Want To Brag, But...

I am the queen of the Target clearance section lately.  We scored big with the Crayola products last week, but it was nothing compared to this week's haul. 

It all started with these gems.  Twin size sheets are now in demand in our house.  We like to have back ups in case of a late night diaper leak, puke, cuppie spill and whatever else Miss Thing can throw at her big girl bed.  I scored two sets of flannel sheets for $4.98 each. I got the leaf pattern and a solid green.  They don't really match Icie's bed, but for $4.98 you can't beat them for back up sheets.
In the same trip I grabbed those cute summery tennis shoes for Icie.  They were the only pair left, and for $3 I couldn't pass them up.  Each season/shoe size that Miss Thing goes through I always look for a cheapo pair of sneaks to keep in our emergency bag that stays in the car. These will be that shoe. 

I actually saw this bed set on clearance a few weeks ago and thought, hmmm that would be a good backup set of bedding for a new big girl.  It was still $30.98 then, a good deal but not amazing. We didn't really need it then, it was pre big switch. I saw it today marked down $59.99 to $14.98 and scooped it up.  It was perfect timing, we had a traumatized toddler last night, because the duvet cover and comforter were not jiving to her liking. It was a battle of wills that lasted about an hour and half until I dug out her old crib comforter.  This set is the same brand and texture as her crib comforter and it's already making the princess happier. 

This rug is by far my most amazing deal though.  It's amazing because I got this deal twice in one week.  On Saturday I left the house for the first time in TWO weeks by myself.  I choose to spend my alone time wondering aimlessly through Target, Macy's and JC Penney.  I was wondering through Target when this rug caught my eye again.  It had been on clearance for about three weeks at $150 and then $114.  I liked it and it was just what I needed for under the kitchen table.  I just wasn't prepared to spend $114 yet.  They had four left and I was confident they'd mark them down again.  On Saturday there was one of these bad boys left and it was marked $57.48!!!!!!  I couldn't believe my luck, a 7X10 foot braided rug that was not an oval for under $60 !  I lifted it on to my cart and steered it all lopsided to the register. I actually cut my normal rotation short to ensure that no one else would get to my treasure.  I felt like I needed to buy it and get out of there before they changed their mind and decided to charge me the whole $229 it was originally listed at. 
I called my mom to tell her about my wonderful find. She knew exactly which rug I was talking about, and went to her own Target to see if she could come up with the same deal.  My mom had no luck.  I was pretty certain that today while we strolled through the rug aisle today that there would not be another one available. I had promised my mom though that I'd keep an eye out, and there it was another beauty for $57.48.  Again we made the scoop and got the heck out there with the deal. 
I'm on a roll, let's just hope when our tax return comes in I can keep up my streak and pull off some night stands for our bedroom.  I have an eye on some, but the price is not quite right yet, and it seems following my gut and waiting them out is working lately. 


  1. Your will power is so much stronger than mine! I would've bought at $30.98 & $114!

    Keep sharing your deals. I love to see you work it!

  2. I am in awe. Seriously. I'm in Target like 3 times a week and don't get those kind of deals. Teach me oh master!

  3. That's how I Target shop too!! And that complete bed set for $15 bucks is awesome!

    I got two decorative curtain rods the other day for $2.14 each. Originally $29.99 a piece.

    When you come to town and visit, we should bargain Target together. :)

  4. What is Target? Is it like Woolworth's? I like their wheat toast at the counter.


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