Monday, February 14, 2011

Model Monday ~ Happy Valentines Day!

Dress * Gap Outlet (clearance sale last February) * $2.49
Tights * Children's Place * Gift from Abuela
Booties * Crazy 8 (purchased with Crazy Cash) * $9.99

I picked up that little dress last year after Valentine's Day hoping it would fit Miss Thing this year.  I could not pass up the deal and it seems we've just squeaked by, it's border line too short.  The sleeves are riding up and if those tights weren't solid I would have been flashed a million times already today.  I think the booties add a little Cupid vibe for today too. 
I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day!


  1. cutest dress ever! Lydia is rocking the red heart dress she got from Icie ;)
    We have her valentine goods here. With the funeral and all that we're late! I'll hopefully be mailing it out tomorrow!

  2. She is rockin that outfit! Happy Valentine's Icie (and Emily and Dave) Lots of kisses headed your way from Pie! xoxo

  3. goodness! look at all her hair!

    Happy V-day!


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