Monday, February 7, 2011

Model Monday ~ A Jammy Sammy Makes Everything Okay.

Shirt * Gymboree * $3.99 (purchased with Gymbucks)
Leggings * Childrens Place * Gift from Tia Regla
Shoes * Crazy 8 * $9.99 (purchased with Crazy Cash)
Bows * Under Ten Dollars * $5.50 for the pair

We woke up this morning with an air of disappointment hanging over the house. Our Steelers had lost and we really wish we could just kick Big Ben in the shins.  I picked out Icie's shoes with that in mind. These hard plastic-y mary janes played a big roll in my fantasy of running into Ben and letting Icie walking up to him and give a good swift, HI-YA!  It would be a chance for her to put her bad habit of karate chops and kicks of late into good use.  I would stand back and watch and as she walked back to me after delivery the solid kicks, I would yell, "YOU BLEW IT" a la Billy Madison.  All would be right with the world. 
Since my fantasy land scenario is not going to happen, we took comfort in our Jammy Sammies.  Icie was comforted by her "cookie" and I was comforted by the fact that everything in that "cookie" was certified organic and somewhat a healthy option to supplement her cereal this morning.  
So we'll probably wallow a bit today before we head out to do some errands and hope that by miracles of miracles Big Ben decides to do his wallowing in Mid-Michigan and our shin kicking fantasy can become a reality.  


  1. Yeah. That sounds about par for the situation.

  2. Oh that sweet little face just kills me! I hope Icie gets to hi-ya!

    We just got some grahammy sammies (I'm certain I spelled that wrong) haven't tried them yet, but they look yummy.

  3. LMAO! Those shoes are perfect for your little fantasy. I'm sorry your Steelers lost. Maybe next year?

  4. I need one of those bows with abby cadabby on it for lydias bday lol do you think she could do one like that?


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