Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others...

Yesterday Miss Sara from Unofficial Mom tagged me in a fun little post.  Here's the deal one of the following statements is TRUE the rest are all lies.  Which one is the truth? 

1) My husband and I almost met years before we truly met.  He was a professor at the college that I almost attended and had I pursued the classes I had in mind I would have been one of his students.

2) We currently own three homes, one in Pittsburgh, one in Miami, and our house in Michigan. The Miami house is rented out, and the Pittsburgh house is currently on the market.

3) Before I became a stay at home mom I sold cars for a living, Hondas to be exact. 

4) When I was in elementary school my parents convinced me that they had lost my birth certificate, but were able to get a new one for me.  The only catch to the new birth certificate was that from age eight on my name would legally become Francois.

5) When I was ten I was in a youth choir that performed the national anthem at local events. I performed at Three Rivers Stadium twice and The Civic Arena (Mellon Arena) four times. I feel really old now, because Three Rivers is long gone and The Arena is no longer in use. 

Sara tagged three people to play along and so will I,  here's my wish list of players:

Lacey from Our Life Narrated by Lacey

Megan from Kitschy Suburbia

Lauren from Heya Sparky

Check back tomorrow to see which was the truth and which were all the dirty little lies.  


  1. These are really good ones. I'm torn between #3 and #5. I think I'll pick #5. Right? I'm right aren't I. :)

  2. Ooooh. Ok. This is really tricky. I'm going to guess #5 because it's so obscure I feel like it'd HAVE to be true or no one would ever think of it.

  3. Thanks for the tag - now I gotta come up with some good ones! I'm gonna say...#2, though I'm also thinking #3. Hell. I don't know. LOL

  4. I know which one is false ;) but I have an unfair advantage lol

  5. Guessing you founded the Cheeeseburger Festival in Caseville Michigan! Oh, wait, that's not a choice. I say 1. No 2. Maybe 3. I give up!


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